Why e-commerce stores fail? Here's why.

Why e-commerce stores fail? Here's why.

Mira book home- my struggles to set up an online book store with no expertise and how it ended up as a failure

Everything comes to be easier when you have expert assistance. It helped me a lot when I was wondering to take my business online during the post lockdown period. I had realized the significance of the online showroom of businesses in today’s era. I approached a few experienced fellows and started my online store of books. I wasn’t very confident but hopeful as a fresher as I saw the sales hike in one of my friend’s real estate. Many reports were showing the high competition in online businesses that attained a peak during the past year globally by 9.3% with a potential of $ 4.29 trillion (as per a US report).

I worked hard to establish Mira book home, my online book palace. I planned to have a market strategy, presentation, and miscellaneous support to run it smoothly. But soon I realized that I had put much investment on a platform that was a newbie to me. I wasn’t having an appreciable response even after waiting for 4-5 months. I wasn’t satisfied. I tried a lot to work out my plans. But shortly I accepted my failure.

Something was wrong, I speculated deeply as I wasn’t prepared to give up after exploring and working so much into it. I had an experienced team, amazing marketing ideas, and new ideas to invest in. The thing I missed was the deep analysis of the sales and engagements for a particular book description and the tech team to run it with their programming expertise.

A qualified, reliable, and secured server for your business domain with web hosting is one of the primary care. This is the address of my online shop. Well, I had developed it in a very professional and beautiful way after long research. I put in 4.5k for this. I was doing it all by myself with zero experience.

What was that I didn’t try? I fought till the last nano-seconds to survive in this online world. It was then my father said- “beta ye online store bade businesses mein hota hai, experts karwate hain. Hmare liye nhi hai ye sab “ [child, these online stores are in the list of large businesses, executed successfully by experts. It’s not our cup of tea.]

But I would tell you more about my trials than failures. I started analyzing the mistakes.

Trials and errors led to success gradually- one needs to learn rather than to repeat from my experience

The analysis of the above is a two-way channel. One needs to have an alert eye on the stats like orders, sales, likes, and other accounts. But this would require more sophisticated graphs and records. Also, an attractive landing page, comprehensive sales, and managerial page are unavoidable. Many of the US, UK-based websites were giving me the stats. A dedicated tech team must be available 24×7 for my assistance. But all this would transform into a high-budget plan.  I researched extensively and selected two websites for the lowest price possible. One was mystore.com & the other one was tccommerce. At last, I chose tccommerce.in

The website was very quick and responsive than the other one. The platform was very mobile-friendly as one can access his online store anytime and anywhere. It has a very sharp and genuine calculator managing your budget with customized 12-13  services on one platform. I was doubtful and worried. Would they even serve me that much for just a little money? Have I landed on the wrong one? Am I not making a wrong decision again?

I had a delicate smile on my face after crawling the services and T&C of the website entirely for half an hour. It was a new breath to my plans I had decided to put down.

By the way, the other website was equally well-structured. But I found this at my ease. You might go with the earlier one. I opted for a demo to test its exact efficiencies as I can’t trust a website blindly wherein I’m investing my hard-earned money. A close inspection helped me to learn new do’s and don’ts to run an online store successfully. A dedicated tech team of experts realized me about my past mistakes that I kept repeating.

Robert Half said – “when the customer comes first, the customer will last”. The quote is eagerly followed by tccommerce that inspired me to follow the same. An elegant landing page with expensive UI isn’t the mere requirement to go a long way in the online world. It must be smooth in user experience. A perfect combo of the two will help you to grow.

A user-friendly dashboard with a flat, polished, and intelligent listing of the novels, narratives, new editions of famous authors, and celebs were absent in my earlier online shop. Experts helped me to revamp it. I had done a gaffe by not focussing on the backend functioning. It is very disheartening for a buyer if the website crashes every single week, or any broken links hamper him. All these facts taught me a lot. I learned from my failures. I had a stunning collection of books, a full-fledged description of each of the collections but yet not getting the buyers due to many technical problems. As a commerce student, I can make a business decision to make a difference but can’t fix a problem with the server. This didn’t allow me to meet my potential clients which resulted in the gradual breakdown of my idea of growing the business online.

So before choosing any of the websites, do deep market research. Try to inspect why my idea was crashing down earlier and why yours will not. You need to invest your money intelligently.

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