My experience with e-commerce websites so far

My experience with e-commerce websites so far

With the increase in internet coverage and the proliferation of smartphones around the world, it has become possible for businesses to start e-commerce ventures to reach their customers and find new ones. However, building an e-commerce presence requires technical competence in programming and other related fields, which most emerging businesses either don’t have or can’t afford.

 When I started working on the idea of building an e-commerce platform for my small craft business, I encountered similar problems. Being a Commerce graduate, I did not know programming or HTTP. I had no technical expertise required to build a website and maintain it. It was getting tough to move forward with the idea and, at one point, I even thought of dropping it altogether. However, the prospect of finding new customers and achieving growth in my business kept me going. That’s when I found TC-Commerce, a platform that provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions for businesses like mine. It proved to be a turning point.

 TC-Commerce has designed its platform to handhold emerging businesses through the process of building an e-commerce presence. The best part is that TC-Commerce does the entire job for you at a negligible cost. The resources you save in the process can be put to use for increasing sales and building brand awareness.

 As an end-to-end solution for all e-commerce needs, TC-Commerce built an attractive online store for my business, created a backend that was easy to navigate for someone with little technical capability, and managed access to servers. Apart from this, TC-Commerce maintains the website, fixes all the glitches, and deals with the technical issues related to the online presence of my business.

 TC-Commerce also provided a dedicated team of experts who are available 24x7 to solve my problems. This one time I brought down my website with a silly mistake, the TC-Commerce team managed to resurrect it in a matter of hours. Thanks to TC-Commerce, the buyers were back again on the website as if nothing had happened.

A lot of businesses are reluctant to build an online presence because they believe that the cost of creating and maintaining it is very high. I also had the same belief and experience till I found TC-Commerce. The platform is designed to provide the best solution at a negligible cost. To find about the cost, you can visit the TC-Commerce website and use their dedicated calculator to find out. You can work out the cost of design, development, marketing, cloud storage, and maintenance. It worked well for me in the initial days of my association with TC-Commerce.

 TC-Commerce gets both technicalities and aesthetics right. In my experience, an e-commerce platform built by TC-Commerce looks very different from the ones built by other service providers. TC-Commerce develops attractive yet easy to navigate landing pages and customizes them to your design preferences and taste. The dashboard they build for my customers has been immensely successful. Many of my customers have told me that the user dashboard has made shopping a smooth experience for them.

My favorite, however, is the Super Admin feature built by TC-Commerce. Here, I have been able to track the performance of my e-commerce business in the form of the data collected by the website. This data, presented in a cogent form on the Super Admin page, has helped me make better choices. After looking at the trends, I have been able to make informed policy choices to grow my business.

Since I joined the e-commerce bandwagon, my business has boomed. My sales have grown by 46 percent year on year. I have received large orders from places I least expected. Thanks to the e-commerce store that I started at a negligible cost, my products today reach towns and cities I couldn’t pinpoint on a map a few years ago. A potential customer can now find me with a simple Google search. It has broadened not only my horizons but also the reach of my business. The windfall from this has helped me expand my business and improve the quality of my products, which, in turn, has boosted sales further. Building an e-commerce store with TC-Commerce is perhaps the best business decision I have taken in the last few years.

 My good experience with TC-Commerce isn’t an isolated case. I have seen many of my friends grow their e-commerce ventures with the help of this platform. My cousin, who built an e-commerce store for his business with the help of the same platform, has expanded his businesses to new regions across Asia and Europe. The new markets have brought unimaginable windfalls for his business. The money he saved working with TC-Commerce has been pumped into the business, which has helped him become more competitive.

 If not for TC-Commerce, I would have dropped the idea of building an e-commerce venture for my business.

 Thank you!

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