How hard is it to open an online store?

How hard is it to open an online store?

I would consider it as the best question because it will cover all other doubts that I have received previously from the other questioners so far. People were asking about “how can eCommerce help a business grow”, “an online business be successful”, “where to register online business”, “online business with low investment or small budget” and so forth. I will be covering them all in this article so stay tuned! I will try not to bore you but mesmerize you with the details.

As we all know pandemic aka Covid-19 has created a history. More than half of a million businesses got shut down and 10 million+ people have lost their jobs due to Covid-19, according to and BusinessToday, respectively. Sad but true! Even I saw Amazon and Flipkart vacant first time. Zomato & Swiggy stopped doing their operations of delivering food.

But I’d like to draw your attention to a research that I found captivating yet interesting. Where many people were getting jobless, several businesses were getting closed, a few companies (that are online obviously) were making millions of dollars. Pandemic became an opportunity for them, even for most of us. Here I am attaching the FY20 report of a few companies that rapidly grew up during those days.

Now, you have got your answer of how an eCommerce or online business can help you even in tough times. But there’s still a problem of how can you get there? How and what can you do to your business to remain profitable?

I am a professional web developer, I have seen tremendous demand for eCommerce stores in the covid time. Everyone wants their store up and running within a span of 3 to 5 days and I delivered more than 20 eCommerce projects within a month, working almost 14 hrs a day, tirelessly.

I found a new curve growing up during that time which was developing an eCommerce store as early as you can. One of my clients from the UK started selling just masks and sanitizers and he made a handsome amount of money just for $600 of investments, I was also shocked! He is now earning $600 a day with the website that I made.

Because people have understood that how eCommerce can grow their business. Local stores, General stores were taking orders on WhatsApp, people were booking orders on-call, paying via PayTM and PhonePe. These fintech companies also made millions during that time.

Finally, lockdown is over, people started following their daily schedule. The demand for eCommerce sites got stable. Nobody was looking for eCommerce anymore except those who still have some savings remain, yeah pandemic wiped out all the savings. I saw my clients pleading “Gaurav. Please do that! We want to have this website live ASAP!” without paying enough. Everybody wants to come online but doesn’t have enough to pay. It’s not easy to bear the cost of Development, Server, Maintenance, and then Marketing/Promotion, altogether. Who somehow manage to pay, not getting the website they could do business with.

Pathetic! Isn’t it?

At the other end, I saw someone was working on this problem quietly. They’ve developed a complete end-to-end eCommerce solution, where you don’t have to pay those hefty amounts to get your website up and running. I liked their motto! They just want their client to “focus on your sales” without being worried about the cost of Development, Server, Maintenance, and other eCommerce jargon. They came up with the simple rule; invest your amount on promotion whatever you were supposed to pay for the whole website development.

The cool thing about their website, they have integrated an eCommerce Budget Calculator, which will give you an idea of what is the reasonable cost of having a good website running, which you should pay. You can also set your budget according to your spending capacity, they will only charge you 5% - 10% of that budget to set up a complete store and ask you to invest the rest of your budget in the promotion of YOUR OWN BRAND. They will be in the back to support you and your business.

Sometimes it’s easy to build a website but maintaining and making money out of it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Any serious seller who doesn’t have enough to invest in website development and maintenance but, still wants to run an online store in an effective manner, will definitely like this idea. Having a complete trustable team in the back-end just for your business isn’t easy to manage and they are doing it for almost nothing. I consider it as a GREAT HELP for small and mid-size businesses. Whoever knows the future of eCommerce, will avail of the offer.

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